Virtual Volunteer Work

Virtual Volunteer Work


A NEW PROJECT FOR 2021, Volunteers will be able to help from their own homecountry. 

Project: Virtual Volunteer Work

Areas: Schools, Youth Centre

Audience: School Children from 7 to 12, Youth from 13 to 17

Language Skills: at least Basic Level of Spanish

Skill: English, Math, Arts, Music, Science

Hours: 1 or 2 per day

From 10 hours 

Allowance: USD$50 for 10 hours

Donations: Donations for the projects can be accepted please ask us how.

Requirements: Photocopy of passport, Police Check, 1 written reference, CV, there is no need to be a teacher to help in this project, but if the volunteer has the qualifications it will be a plus.

Platform: Zoom

Virtual Volunteer Work Colombia
Volunteer Work Offers an opportunity to help from the volunteers homecountry


The funds we receive from volunteers is used:

To pay the internet for those students that do not have access to the internet for their lessons

To pay to rent all the media kit and the salon when it is for groups

To pay to have a supervisor on-site while the lessons take part

Without this help it won’t be viable to support children’s education process in this time. 

Virtual Volunteer Work

  1. There has been a long way to come to this initiative to help and support the Teaching project virtually at the Schools and Youth Centres. The aim is to continue the learning process through internet and reach more children with this technology. We know it will be a huge challenge for all of us but at the moment due to the current pandemic situation this is the safest way of volunteering and learning. So let’s get enthusiastic and make of our enclosed time something to make a difference and leave a print. Volunteers can help with teaching English, arts, maths, science or music. Choose your hours and weeks and let’s do it.    


The Virtual Work Procedure

Volunteer made contact with Volunteer in Colombia

Volunteer in Colombia will send the application form

The volunteer will sent the sign app form plus the required documentation

Once the volunteer is accepted in the program we will discuss the topic to be taught at the school through virtual room

The volunteer will organize and prepare the lessons and send the proposal to the organization to be approved specifying what kind of stuff the children need for the lesson

Once the volunteer proposal is received it will need to be accepted by the school and the organization

Once is accepted by the school we discuss with the volunteer hours and days for work

Volunteer in Colombia will organize the virtual room for the volunteers to get into with the classroom

There will be always a supervisor if questions arise. They will be send to the volunteer through zoom to be answer, the supervisor is an English and Spanish speaker.

The duration of the lesson will be from 1 to 2 hours according with the volunteers plans every day, the audience will be children from 7 to 12 or 13 to 17 years.

At the end of the program children will have a small test or quiz of what they have learnt.


Applying NOW  or making a donation. The choice is yours…

make a difference for our community.




With the right support and intervention children and adults with learning disabilities at the special needs centre can succeed in school and go on to successful careers and jobs.  


Special needs centre project

In Colombia children and adults with learning disabilities and special needs are care by their parents or relatives. Little is known about how they grow up or how much they were involved in society as parents choose to keep them away from the eyes of people. Now day’s things have been changing for children and adults  with special needs as there is more involvement in society and children and adult with special needs and learning disabilities no longer need to be hidden from the rest of the world for their condition but we still suffering with understaffed to support and help with their needs.

A level of education in special needs will be a handful to teach people with learning disabilities and special needs to become more independent and to communicate more efficiently, also to socialize. The Special Needs Center helps children and adults with activities, therapies, sports and entertainment so they have a safe place to stay or to learn while their parents arrive from work.

With the support of parents, staff and volunteers we can encourage their strengths, knowing their weaknesses and learning new strategies to deal with specific difficulties. Volunteers in this programe will be able to help with research, cultural activities and entertainment. Teaching craft, drawing, singing, dancing,  sports, reading, writing, reasoning, and organizing.

A can do attitude and a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone it is very necessary. The Centre is open everyday from 8 am to 5 pm. 


Special Needs project in Colombia fitness day
Special Needs in Colombia, Maths Lesson
Special Needs ,Table games
Special Needs project in Colombia, sports day
Learning Disabilities Social Project


Apply to one of our volunteer projects or make a donation. The choice is yours…

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Farming in Colombia is in decline and we need to act now to help the farmers keep farming alive.


Join this rewarding FARMING project and learn first hand from farmers

Volunteers in this farming project, will be involved in all areas of the coffee and sugar cane production. Learning, first hand from the local farmers, and immersing in the community life while supporting farming with new ideas and sharing knowledge.

La Mesa, Cundinamarca is one of the main Colombian Coffee and Sugar cane producers that belong to the Tequendama Region in Colombia. With more than 1000 small, medium and big size farms, farmers now days are struggling a lot to find human resources to help with daily tasks in their farms. 

Due to this problem, most of them have big losses every year making the cost of coffee and sugar cane increase. Most of them have decided not to carry on farming due to:  illnesses, age, and lack of resources, many have been abandon by relatives and children, and cannot carry on working the land. To keep farming alive we need volunteers to give them a hand to motivate and impulse the need for farmers efforts in to feeding the world.

Coffee Farms :

Volunteers will be involved from cleaning the land, nursery, sown, harvesting, pulping, drying, selection of the coffee beans and packing to be sent to next processing area.

Sugar Cane Farms:

Volunteers will be helping with cleaning the land, cutting sugar cane, transporting sugar cane by mules to the mill, packing the panela to be sold and other daily tasks.

General Farming:

Volunteers will be helping with the creation of a sustainable farm which will be the pilot to recreate in the area. This is a very important  part of the farming project, and volunteers will be of a great help.

Why to volunteer in the FARMING PROJECT?

The farming project can be very rewarding.  With the right help, farmers will be motivated to carry on and the environment will benefit. By making sure the land and plantations are well look after and by applying new techniques, they can learn and promote organic and ecological agriculture. With the time, change the artisanal way of farm management,  improving the quality of their crops, and increasing the production. This will lead to improving their social and economic situation and financial status. 

A can do attitude and a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone it is very necessary, this is not an easy job but the results will be very fructiferous.


Ready to go Harvesting
Sowing Coffe
Testimonial Milan. Volunteer in Colombia
Making Compost
Farming - Compost in Colombia
Packing Compost
Farming - Volunteer working in Permaculture with volunteer in Colombia
Digging & Sowing


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Let’s make a difference for one community.  See the available projects below:




Our commitment is with the environment and Volunteers in the beekeeping project will be an important help.

Bee population around the world is in decline.


The Benefits of Beekeeping:

In beekeeping a hive of bees gives us incredible benefits in addition to honey. There is the production of poleo, propolis, royal jelly, wax from which products such as candles, cosmetics, ornaments, soaps, shampoo even furniture products can be produced. Also to produce the stamped wax which is used to help the bees to build their honeycombs.

The most important contribution of beekeeping for the environment is the pollination. The transfer of pollen from the male parts of a flower to the feminine part of these. Process that helps to improve the quality and quantity of seeds and fruits.

Why to volunteer in the BEEKEEPING project?

The process of improving the quality and quantity of seeds and fruits is the reason that the beekeeping project has been created. To help farmers in the region to improve their crops and therefore their economy and quality of life. The production of honey, would be another contribution, to improving their finances while protecting bees and contributing to the improvement of the environment.

Now days, farmers still using a very rustic way of beekeeping. Therefore most products from bees are wasted, due to the lack of knowledge and skills. Hives have to confront many diseases that are not properly treated, due to the lack of training, increasing the death of the colonies which will affect their economy.

Volunteers in the beekeeping project will have the opportunity to learn or improve their knowledge in beekeeping. While working hand in hand with farmers and beekeepers, helping in the supervision, control and maintenance of hives, collecting and packing honey for later sale. Making new hives, creating new spaces for bee colonies and creating new products. 

Volunteers in the beekeeping project, must have a lot of initiative and attitude to work alone. Sometimes, our farmers and beekeepers must work elsewhere to get their livelihood and support their families, so they cannot devote themselves to beekeeping as permanent work.

If you have experience in beekeeping, it will be a great help for our beekeepers since they are still behind new knowledge, techniques and still work with the teachings of their ancestors.

A can do attitude and a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone it is very necessary.


Volunteer in Colombia Beekeeping
Volunteer in Colombia Beekeeping
Beekeeping in Colombia Volunteer project
Beekeeping in Colombia Teaching Children volunteeering
Beekeeping in Colombia Volunteer project Supervision of hives


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Volunteers in the child and youth centre, will ease the workload of local workers and families, who care for the children. We make sure they are in a safe environment


The Child and Youth centre is a site where children can go to stay after school. In there they will have a safe environment. They can socialize , find new friends to play with and to share. Many of these children come from overcrowded living situations. And are in desperate need of love and attention.

Colombia has a very family oriented culture. But living conditions have forced both or a single parent to work, leaving children under the care of relatives or friends, and most of the times alone. 

This situation is causing a huge social problem. As children and Youth keep out on the streets. They are vulnerable to most dangerous situations. This puts a huge strain on the families. For this reason some children are sent to centres for a few hours of the day to receive education, interaction, care and entertainment.

Volunteers on the Child and Youth Centre project work alongside local staff. Providing care and attention to the children, joining games, songs and dance, and assisting with homework and research.

A can do attitude and a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone it is very necessary.


Volunteer in Colombia Testimony. Feedback. Review
Child Care volunteer project in Colombia
Children care volunteer social work in Colombia
Child Youth Centre
Virtual Volunteer Work Colombia


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Volunteer in the TEACHING project. Teaching in rural schools, will enhanced your resume, and will fulfill you with new experiences while opening children mind to the world.


The TEACHING project In Colombia

Will support the education system to better children skills and knowledge. Opening their views in other cultures, languages, people’s life styles and the world. In Colombia, many schools are under-staffed and under-resourced and in many cases, the teachers are under a lot of pressure. 

Volunteers on the teaching project,  assist with teaching English to students in local schools, and volunteers with an intermediate level of Spanish may also be required to teach other subjects, such as Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Music, Sports and Arts.

Volunteers on the TEACHING project play a crucial role in exposing students to new subjects and disciplines. Inspiring them to think about their future and to follow their dreams. By teaching them new languages they will have more opportunities and chances in their lives, also more equal opportunities in future careers . 

This is a highly rewarding project and through sharing knowledge and life experiences, volunteers can demonstrate that with a bit of hard work, anything is possible.

Volunteers work with the support of Volunteer in Colombia local team and placement staff. Do not need to be qualified or experienced teachers to participate. However, we encourage volunteers to come prepared with a can do attitude. And a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone, it is very necessary. The TEACHING path may be for you.


Teaching Education project Volunteer opportunities in Colombia
Testimony Johanna
Teaching project social work in Colombia
Testimony Nicolas
Education Volunteer Project


Apply to one of our volunteer projects or make a donation. The choice is yours…

Let’s make a difference for one community.  See the available projects below: