Known as caving. Speleology is the science that studies the caves, caverns, underground or maritime systems.

Caving is also known as the sports activity with this name.  In Colombia this activity as a sport is not practiced and is not known as such. Some, tourism agencies offer cave adventure packages but do not have enough training to develop this activity. 

As a Speleologist, The manager of Volunteer in Colombia, offer the opportunity to visit and to know this activity which we are trying to promote. The caves and caverns to be visited have been found, explored and documented for the Manager. We know well where the visitor is going to have their first experience in speleology. If the visitor is an experience caver we know that there is so much to offer and still to explore in these underground systems.

The cave you will visit will depend on your level of expertise. In addition, to get to these in the trip, you will have the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes, rivers, mountains, small towns and villages, as well as to know and get involved with different cultures of Colombia. It is an experience that is worth having an introduction to Speleology.       

In order to apply for this please contact us before to assess the caving area you will be visiting according with your expertise or level.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

SPELEOLOGICAL ADVENTURE : Caving or Potholing in Colombia while you volunteer.

Colombian Caving Club