Volunteer in the education project. Teaching in rural schools, will enhanced your resume, and will fulfill you with new experiences while opening children mind to the world.

The education project In Colombia, will support the education system to better children skills and knowledge. Opening their views in other cultures, languages, people’s life styles and the world. In Colombia, many schools are under-staffed and under-resourced and in many cases, the teachers are under a lot of pressure. 

Volunteers on the teaching project,  assist with teaching English to students in local schools, and volunteers with an intermediate level of Spanish may also be required to teach other subjects, such as Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Music, Sports and Arts.

Volunteers on the education project play a crucial role in exposing students to new subjects and disciplines. Inspiring them to think about their future and to follow their dreams. By teaching them new languages they will have more opportunities and chances in their lives, also more equal opportunities in future careers . 

This is a highly rewarding project and through sharing knowledge and life experiences, volunteers can demonstrate that with a bit of hard work, anything is possible.

Volunteers work with the support of Volunteer in Colombia local team and placement staff. Do not need to be qualified or experienced teachers to participate. However, we encourage volunteers to come prepared with a can do attitude. And a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone, it is very necessary. The Education path may be for you.


Applying NOW or making a donation. The choice is yours…

make a difference for our community.

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