At the elderly support centre project, volunteers will be helping the ones that one day make a difference with a smile and love. By supporting the elderly you will feel how much a touch of loved costs. 


The elderly care centre project

Will support the elderly people that needs assistance in this time of their lives. Sometimes, people just needs somebody to help them and give a little push to become more independent. In Colombia, there is very little financial assistance from the government to support elderly people, and volunteers can make a difference in this social project.

Due to war, neglect, poverty and disease, families can find themselves living in homes with up to 10 other people. They cannot afford to feed every mouth in the house, and with around 70% of elderly people in Colombia suffering from long-term illnesses, the families cannot afford the required health attention. 

This unfortunately leads to more and more elderly people being abandoned, and left to fend for themselves on the streets, and when suffering from certain illnesses, such as dementia and pneumonia, survival is extremely difficult.

Volunteers on the Elderly Care project, work in care centres for the elderly. In these centres, the elderly receive love, food, shelter, personal care and medication. With the help of volunteers, assisting with daily activities like entertainment, reading, writing, drawing, assisting cooking and feeding, the local staff can increase the number of people they look after, providing them with the right care to carry on living in a more dignified environment.

 A can do attitude and a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone it is very important.


Elderly Care Social project in Colombia
Elderly Care volunteer opportunities in Colombia
Elderly Care volunteer opportunity
Elderly Care volunteer work in Colombia
Elderly Care volunteer in Colombia


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