Farming in Colombia is in decline and we need to act now to help the farmers keep farming alive.


Join this rewarding FARMING project and learn first hand from farmers

Volunteers in this farming project, will be involved in all areas of the coffee and sugar cane production. Learning, first hand from the local farmers, and immersing in the community life while supporting farming with new ideas and sharing knowledge.

La Mesa, Cundinamarca is one of the main Colombian Coffee and Sugar cane producers that belong to the Tequendama Region in Colombia. With more than 1000 small, medium and big size farms, farmers now days are struggling a lot to find human resources to help with daily tasks in their farms. 

Due to this problem, most of them have big losses every year making the cost of coffee and sugar cane increase. Most of them have decided not to carry on farming due to:  illnesses, age, and lack of resources, many have been abandon by relatives and children, and cannot carry on working the land. To keep farming alive we need volunteers to give them a hand to motivate and impulse the need for farmers efforts in to feeding the world.

Coffee Farms :

Volunteers will be involved from cleaning the land, nursery, sown, harvesting, pulping, drying, selection of the coffee beans and packing to be sent to next processing area.

Sugar Cane Farms:

Volunteers will be helping with cleaning the land, cutting sugar cane, transporting sugar cane by mules to the mill, packing the panela to be sold and other daily tasks.

General Farming:

Volunteers will be helping with the creation of a sustainable farm which will be the pilot to recreate in the area. This is a very important  part of the farming project, and volunteers will be of a great help.

Why to volunteer in the FARMING PROJECT?

The farming project can be very rewarding.  With the right help, farmers will be motivated to carry on and the environment will benefit. By making sure the land and plantations are well look after and by applying new techniques, they can learn and promote organic and ecological agriculture. With the time, change the artisanal way of farm management,  improving the quality of their crops, and increasing the production. This will lead to improving their social and economic situation and financial status. 

A can do attitude and a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone it is very necessary, this is not an easy job but the results will be very fructiferous.


Ready to go Harvesting
Sowing Coffe
Testimonial Milan. Volunteer in Colombia
Making Compost
Farming - Compost in Colombia
Packing Compost
Farming - Volunteer working in Permaculture with volunteer in Colombia
Digging & Sowing


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