I had a very intensive experience working for six weeks on sugar cane farms and in the permaculture garden in this beautiful landscape. Key to this was not only the projects itself but the close interaction with the project leader and her family in everyday life. In the beautiful guest house I found everything I needed to enjoy every day, I enjoy long evenings outside writing my dairy or just watching the stars and garden. We spent a wonderful time over Christmas and New Year’s eve and I was happy to be there for Mrs Lola’s 80 Birthday, some real original experiences. What impressed me most about the farm work is that the artisanal traditions of more than 100 years of history are preserved; life is really rural and basic and collides with the modern world. I learn all about sugar cane and the artisanal processing into Panela a rock of sugar use to make a traditional hot drink.

Testimonial Rolf. Volunteer Program