With the right support and intervention children and adults with learning disabilities and special needs can succeed in school and go on to successful careers and jobs.  

In Colombia children and adults with learning disabilities and special needs is care by their parents or relatives. Little is known about how they grow up or how much they were involved in society as parents choose to keep them away from the eyes of people. Now day’s things have been changing for children and adults  with special needs as there is more involvement in society and children and adult with special needs and learning disabilities no longer need to be hidden from the rest of the world for their condition but we still suffering with understaffed to support and help with their needs.

A level of education in special needs will be a handful to teach people with learning disabilities and special needs to become more independent and to communicate more efficiently, also to socialize. The Special Needs Center helps children and adults with activities, therapies, sports and entertainment so they have a safe place to stay or to learn while their parents arrive from work.

With the support of parents, staff and volunteers we can encourage their strengths, knowing their weaknesses and learning new strategies to deal with specific difficulties. Volunteers in this programe will be able to help with research, cultural activities and entertainment. Teaching craft, drawing, singing, dancing,  sports, reading, writing, reasoning, and organizing.

A can do attitude and a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone it is very necessary. The Centre is open everyday from 8 am to 5 pm. 


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