Our commitment is with the environment and Volunteers in the beekeeping project will be an important help.

Bee population around the world is in decline.


The Benefits of Beekeeping:

In beekeeping a hive of bees gives us incredible benefits in addition to honey. There is the production of poleo, propolis, royal jelly, wax from which products such as candles, cosmetics, ornaments, soaps, shampoo even furniture products can be produced. Also to produce the stamped wax which is used to help the bees to build their honeycombs.

The most important contribution of beekeeping for the environment is the pollination. The transfer of pollen from the male parts of a flower to the feminine part of these. Process that helps to improve the quality and quantity of seeds and fruits.

Why to volunteer in the BEEKEEPING project?

The process of improving the quality and quantity of seeds and fruits is the reason that the beekeeping project has been created. To help farmers in the region to improve their crops and therefore their economy and quality of life. The production of honey, would be another contribution, to improving their finances while protecting bees and contributing to the improvement of the environment.

Now days, farmers still using a very rustic way of beekeeping. Therefore most products from bees are wasted, due to the lack of knowledge and skills. Hives have to confront many diseases that are not properly treated, due to the lack of training, increasing the death of the colonies which will affect their economy.

Volunteers in the beekeeping project will have the opportunity to learn or improve their knowledge in beekeeping. While working hand in hand with farmers and beekeepers, helping in the supervision, control and maintenance of hives, collecting and packing honey for later sale. Making new hives, creating new spaces for bee colonies and creating new products. 

Volunteers in the beekeeping project, must have a lot of initiative and attitude to work alone. Sometimes, our farmers and beekeepers must work elsewhere to get their livelihood and support their families, so they cannot devote themselves to beekeeping as permanent work.

If you have experience in beekeeping, it will be a great help for our beekeepers since they are still behind new knowledge, techniques and still work with the teachings of their ancestors.

A can do attitude and a lot of initiative to work as part of a team and/or alone it is very necessary.


Volunteer in Colombia Beekeeping
Volunteer in Colombia Beekeeping
Beekeeping in Colombia Volunteer project
Beekeeping in Colombia Teaching Children volunteeering
Beekeeping in Colombia Volunteer project Supervision of hives


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